The Opportunity For Dreamers

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The Opportunity for Dreamers I thought America was the land of opportunity. How can we say we 're the land of opportunity if we deny or easily criticized one person for who they are. The undocumented immigrants who come to America by their parents are not given the choice.They grow up and attend school or have a normal life like us , not knowing later they will have difficulty to pursue an education due to their undocumented status. Not being able to attend their dream university or being able to have the same opportunities like us citizens. I agreed that the Dream Act should be pass so these undocumented students can be able to continue on with their education. “The liberal ideal is that everyone should have fair access and fair opportunity. This is not equality of result. It 's equality of opportunity. There 's a fundamental difference.-"Robert Reich Quotes." BrainyQuote. Xplore, n.d. Web. 16Nov. 2015. We are so lucky as American citizens to be able to have an education and have so many opportunities open for us. Many of us don’t take the opportunity to continue with are education, many just drop out of school.. But imagine you have the opportunity to pursue an education while another person is fighting and struggling to have an education. That’s why I feel the need that the Dream Act should be pass because many of these undocumented work really hard, some graduated valedictorian, good grades and high scores. They should be given a chance, it’s not their fault they came here illegal. They should not suffer for their parents choice of coming to America just because they wanted to provide a better future for their children, education and a better lifestyle for them. We are all equal, the only difference is are residency status. ... ... middle of paper ... drop the lawsuit and meet with immigrant families; and hopefully he will reconsider and drop the lawsuit. Abbott needs to know that what Obama is doing is trying to keep families together. Millions of families get separated each year. Also many undocumented students want to continue with their studies. So is America really the “Land Of Opportunity” or is it just an phrase? Because as I recalled many come from all over the world to America for a better lifestyle, education or to escape the crime from their country. Those who have worked really hard to gain an higher education be denied the admission to pursue that dream. They shall not be punished for their parents decision. We all are equal, live in the same country, and also as a nation we want what 's best for them to have the opportunity just like us to fulfilled that dream of theirs of maintaining an education.
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