The One Divine Person

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Jesus, our Lord and Savior, had to become man in order to save us from our sins. After humanity was corrupted by Adam and Eve, God the Father knew that He had to save us from sin and death. He chose to save us through His son, the Second Person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ by assuming a human nature so that He could die thus ending death. Christ’s death on the cross, resurrection, and ascension proved God saved us and opened the gates of Heaven.
God became man so that all of humanity might be saved from the evils of sin and death. There was no other way that we, as humans, could achieve salvation without Him. Repentance was not nearly enough, it did not have the power to “guard the Divine consistency” for if death did not dictate mankind, God might be seen as untruthful, neither could it “recall men from what is according to their nature” (Athanasius 7).
The transgression of humans began long ago when Adam and Eve failed to remain obedient to God’s law. With this Original Sin, corruption entered humanity never to leave until God the Father imposed His Word onto us so that we could be saved. This damaging corruption blinded us from seeing God in His own creation and in His own people.
Never the less, God refused to abandon His people in a time of such great need for salvation. He chose to save them, but how? How could he destroy death and pay the debt of all humanity while remaining God? For He, God who is eternal, was incapable of achieving death and if possible, it would linger unknown to the very people He loved so much to die for.
The solution to this divine dilemma was found in the Second Person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ. He, the Word, was “the most qualified of the three persons of the Trinity to bring about the ren...

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...esult of Christ’s Paschal Mystery. God heard our cry for help and answered our prayers through the incarnation of Jesus in which He became man in order to save us. He saved us from the Original Sin committed by Adam and Eve that corrupted humanity. This is why Jesus Christ, the Son of God, took responsibility for us, His people, by becoming a man and dying a completely human death for the sake of our salvation.

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