The One Child Policy In Ma Jian's The Dark Road

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The Dark Road is an interesting novel about a family who is trying to evade the government and its birthing policies. The one child policy enacted by the government is the main villain of a family that only wants to live in peace and birth a son. The book also wrestles with the issue of male dominance over women and their reproductive parts. Ma Jian who has a way of transporting one into the harsh reality, makes one feel sad and disgusted by the environment that was China and what the Chinese had and are still experiencing. Although this is a novel and based on fiction there are plenty of themes and realities experienced by Ma Jian before he moved to England. This is a primary source because Jian experienced the kind of themes mentions in the…show more content…
The one child policy is known for being restrictive and cruel in its implementation and that those who have an “unplanned” second pregnancy could not have another child. Those who find a way to avoid detection by having a second “illegal” child face many dangers that come with trying to keep the child. Though the novel depicts the life on the run from the authorities, it is wise to be cautious when using this novel and using it as a hard primary source as proof of those harsh realities. The novel is just that, a novel, a fictitious story based on the reality many face in China. It would be best to use a diary as a more realistic account for those who are looking for a more concrete source. This novel is intended for the average person who does not know too much about the state of China and its tough and its oppressive government. For those people it will inspire a feeling of disgust and hatred toward the Communist party and sympathy toward those who have to suffer and endure the oppressive nature of that party. Historians might find the novel interesting if nothing else for what the author chose to depict in the novel. Because of the fact that the novel is based on a reality many face in China, historians will see it as a way to see the perspective of an author who openly defies his former country and government. Historian or the actual audience the novel was intended for, The Dark Road is a great read for those interested in how the one child policy affects the regular citizen of
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