The Olympic Torch

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Anticipation filled my body, from the tip of my head to the extreme bottom of my toes. The winter wonderland and holiday atmosphere still filled the quaint and immaculate little city. Glowing, twinkling lights covered every single tree as if it was being invaded by a giant army of fireflies. I, along with the rest of the town, was impatiently waiting for the Olympic torch to arrive. Standing on Main Street with my dad and sister, I could feel the frigid air engulf my petite body as the sun disappeared behind the world, as I knew it. The torch was due to arrive in Vail at five o'clock p.m., but it was nearly seven o'clock and still no sign of it. Along with my overwhelming impatience grew even more coldness. I made a great number of trips to the mountain gear and clothing shops across the narrow, people-filled street hoping to regain my warmth. Although it was incredibly warmer inside, my anxiousness seemed to continue to attract me out into the sub-zero icebox like a firefly drawn to the light. After waiting two of the longest hours of my life, in the far distance I could make out an unusual fiery glow moving in our direction. The thousands of people packed into the congested dreamlike town began to get antsy. With the torch growing closer and closer, it would arrive and make its début at any given moment. Within a few minutes, the first vehicles, having precautionary yellowish orange construction type lights swirling on their tops, had made their way into town. A huge Coca-Cola truck was the first through, handing out twenty ounce plastic bottles of half frozen Coke-- not exactly what I wanted at the time, being that my hands, feet and nose were tiptoeing on an edge, almost to fall off. Not far behind was what we'd so... ... middle of paper ... ...rble Vail City Building. I was lucky enough to be shoved up against a man holding a very expensive video camera. Through the lens, I saw everything. Fireworks in the shape and color of the Olympic rings boomed above us in the coal black sky, elementary kids with smiles from ear to ear were expressing their excitement through songs, and the local school bands accompanied the well known singer, Dan Fogelberg. The festivities continued into the night for hours. Thinking back to the events as we were strolling away, a sense of bittersweet thoughts filled my body. Guided back to our car by pearly white Christmas lights and the crisp moonlight reflecting off the snow, the winter wonderland and holiday atmosphere was still present. Just as we were driving away, the army of fireflies finished their long day of work and flew off to bed leaving Vail calm, quiet and dark.
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