The Old Man And The Sea Analysis

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The Old Man and the Sea, written by Ernest Hemingway. In the novella, the old man, Santiago and the young boy Manolin has a relationship that goes for beyond friendship. They have a soul bonding relationship. The boy needs the old man as a teacher, and the old man needs the boy as family. Throughout Hemingway’s novella he uses dialogues ti creates a powerful, poignant relationship between the old man and the young boy.
In the start of the novel, the entire town has turned against Santiago, because he is “salao,” truly unlucky, Manolin still cares and believes in Santiago. Since he is the only boy who refers to the older man by name. This suggests that the boy knows him in a way that few do. Manolin is an apprentice fisherman in a fishing
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In The Old Man and the Sea, the mood is largely monotonous,brooding, and depressing. The canvas of the novella remains unchanged throughout. The plot is mainly taking place in a frail little boat. Which carries on an equally frail-looking man, Santiago. The boat is adrift on a sea that changes little throughout the novella creating a monotonous and somber…show more content…
Only the killing is the fish and the attacking of the sharks interrupts the monotony. The monotony becomes one pressure that the old man must endure to keep his grace. However, because Santiago never gives in to the monotony or the depression, he becomes the hero in the story against innumerable odds. His tenacious determination leads him to a sense of hope amongst the monotony and depression.
Tone is a literacy compound of the composition, which shows the attitude toward the subject and toward the audience implied in a literacy work (Tone 2013). Hemingway had a matter-of-fact tone. If it was factual, it was sympathetic. He feels something for the old man and his struggles. There was humor, yet the seriousness of the whole fishing endeavor. The simple statements of emotions of thoughts give a view of the endearing fisherman to the head and heart.
The novella, The Old Man and the Sea, is about a fisherman, Santiago, whose life is approaching its conclusion and his final heroic struggle against a great marlin and evil sharks that ultimately devour his prize. Also, the story shows an irreplaceable relationship of an old man and a young boy with the use of dialogue. The plot of the story is effected by the author’s choice in the way he used syntax. The mood and tone were a whole topic itself, in which Hemingway

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