The Old Hero

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The Old Hero
(A Discussion about the Hero Ulysses in his Older Years)
There was once a story written about a man from Ancient Greece who deceived man and God. He was a part of a famous war, The Trojan War, which of course had the famous Trojan Horse Tactic, was a very important part of history. For both historic and literary purposes. “Still seeking to gain entrance into Troy, clever Odysseus (some say with the aid of Athena) ordered a large wooden horse to be built. Its insides were to be hollow so that soldiers could hide within it.”(Pompey) It created one of the best characters of all time. His name is Ulysses. There was an old book written by Homer about him, and then in the 19th century a great poem written by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. The new poem is about the later parts of Ulysses life. From the poem by Tennyson you can get three things; Ulysses purpose, his thoughts on age and feelings towards life in general.
First of all, the story written about Ulysses by Alfred tells us about the purpose of his life. Since this poem focused on the later years of this Hero’s life, it really describes his weaknesses as an older man. Such as not being able to run his country, Ithaca. One thing I think Ulysses wants to do in this poem is pass on the torch of his nation to his son, Telemachus. "This is my son, mine own Telemachus, to whom I leave the scepter and the isle" (Page 972, 33-34) one more purpose of Ulysses is to make up for lost time with his wife, Penelope. He was away from her for twenty years. And now he wants to reconcile with her. “Arthur Hallum, Tennyson’s friend, had just died at sea. Tennyson must continue in his duty anyway. He also needed to find comfort in Hallum's death--he died as an active man engaged in meaningful ...

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...ds with the triumph of Ulysses, being able to walk away from power, love, and his home.” (Cooke)

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