The Odyssey: A Summary by Alec Fields

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Odysseus was the king of Ithaca; he had a wife, and a new-born son Telemachus. While his son was still an infant, king Agamemnon declared war on the Troy, and Odysseus was drafted to fight in the Greek army. It was there that he did many heroic deeds, most notably his concoction of the Trojan Horse plan. But this story begins after all that after he offends the god Poseidon and is sent on his journey, his quest, his Odyssey. Ismarus was sacked by Odysseus and his men. It was plentiful with money, food, and treasure. So plentiful that Odysseus' men became greedy and they decided to enjoy themselves, against the wishes of Odysseus. To exploit these circumstances a neighboring army attacked killing 72 of Odysseus' men. They flee from Ismarus with full pockets and in utter defeat. Odysseus' men were desperate for food and water, they had been sailing for days and were blown by a strong wind towards Libya. This was the island of the Lotus Eaters. Odysseus' men partook in the edible lotus flowers on the island. After eating a few, the men were beginning to get lazy, and their memories of their homes and families were starting to blur. After Odysseus notices the affect the flowers were having on his men, he forced them to leave even though some stayed behind. They found themselves off the coast of Sicily and stopped to look for supplies. It was there that they found a huge cave plentiful with livestock and treasure. They invited themselves as guests and ate and drank what they could. There they met a less than hospitable cyclopes, Polyphemus, who was the owner of this cave. The cyclopes ate some of Odysseus' men and saved the rest for later. That morning, Odysseus blinded the creature and most of his men hurried out whi... ... middle of paper ... ...s happened to his house. At Odysseus' home, Penelope brings down Odysseus' bow who says any man who can string the bow and shoot an arrow through a hole through a row of axes. Many try and fail, but then Odysseus, disguised as a beggar, tries. He easily strings it and shoots an arrow through all the axes. Having all weapons being removed from the room earlier, Odysseus begins to shoot each suitor one by one with an arrow. Hearing that Odysseus was home and that all the suitors were dead. Penelope in disbelief, descends the stairs to meet her so called husband. Upon there meeting she tests him by telling the maids to make him a bed in his old bed outside the chief room, which passes by exclaiming that his bed was made from the root of a tree still in the ground. Thoroughly convinced Penelope embraces her husband, and they all lived happily ever after.

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