"The Odyssey"

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They have the same title, but once one acknowledges the differences between the two—they are not precisely the same. “The Odyssey” is written by a Greek author, Homer, who tells the tale of the courageous Odysseus and his adventures to arrive to his kingdom and family in Ithaca after serving in the Trojan War. Along with the book, there is a film that sets forth in motion of the obstacles the Greek hero Odysseus has faced. Both the book and the film are the same story, yet there are differences taken place with their plot and meaning. The film, “The Odyssey,” is consistent throughout several points in the written novel; however, the film and novel differ for there are modifications throughout the scenes, the sequence, and Homer’s message.
In contrast with the written novel, the film has removed or modified certain scenes from the novel; however some consistency is shown. Some examples of scenes that were removed in the film are “The Lotus Eaters” (1.70-108), “The Sirens” (1.672-756), “The Cattle of Sun God” (1.828-997), and “Argus” (2.1163-95). In the film, the rest of the scenes are present, but none of the scenes are displayed. However, some factors are mentioned. For example, in the film in which Odysseus meets Circe, the Lotus flower and the sweet song refers to the two scenes from the novel which include “The Lotus Eaters” and “The Sirens.” Knowing how different the scenes have changed, there are some similarities between the film and the novel. The film displays the main parts of Odysseus’ journey and his longing to return to Ithaca and his loved ones. The consistency of the major events between the novel and the film exhibits their similarities. Although the scenes differentiate, the story itself is much alike.

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...e starring role in the film. In general, the fact that it is a movie allows us to see what is happening instead of going into depth as in the novel; therefore, the makers of the film decided the theme to be based on what is actually occurring. This may be a reason why the journey was selected as the theme,since it took up most of the time throughout the film.
In brief, the film version of “The Odyssey” differentiates from the novel because of the changed scenes, along with their arrangement and underlying theme. The film is consistent for the most part; however it excluded significant scenes that change the entire meaning of the story. Furthermore, the way the scenes are arranged also played a role to the dissimilarity of the film and the novel.The plot of both the film and novel are similar, yet they reveal major differences when they are compared side by side.
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