The Occupation Of Swimming In Competitive Swimming: Competitive Swimming

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The occupation that is displayed in the following pictures is the occupation of swimming; specifically competitive swimming. How does this occupation contribute to the person’s identity, quality of life, and well-being? The occupation of swimming can influence people differently. For my client it is not just a form of leisure, an IADL or form of social participation. It is an occupation that has provided a specific role for him, it has become a part of his routine, and it has influenced what he wants in a future career. Some of the biggest roles in my client’s life are that of an athlete, a leader and competitor. It is how he identifies himself in his social circle and how others at school view him as well. Competitive swimming has…show more content…
Competitive swimming has given him a sense of belonging, as well as increasing his self-esteem, providing daily fulfillment, and building a foundation for a career as a rescue swimmer; all while making him happy. Identify and describe the model or FOR that you chose to illustrate the occupation and its meaning, etc. Thoroughly describe the main concepts of the model. I have decided to illustrate the occupation of swimming by using the model of human occupation. The model of human occupation (MOHO) is very important in the fact that it highlights the occupations that are performed throughout one’s lifetime. It explores not only how human occupations (meaningful daily activities) are motivated, organized and performed, but also how the environment influences all three of these aspects within a person. According to MOHO there are three main elements that influence this model, and they are: volition, habituation and performance capacity. Volition explores the motivation a person has for participating in certain occupations. It not only answers the question why, but it also sheds light on the human desire to choose certain occupations, and how a person’s background…show more content…
Physically, his environment has no effect on his performance; as he has always been able to fulfill his roles. His social environment affects him in a different way. His family or friends have the potential to create issues mentally that affect how well he performs during competition. For example, this past year his parents divorced which decreased his concentration in swimming and therefore created a decrease in not only his performance capacity, but his volition as well. He attended counseling and made progress on his mental state, which returned his mental capacity to its previous strength. The counseling also motivated him in a way he had not been expecting by exposing him to a profession whose sole purpose is to help others. This new found calling to serve led to his desire to become a rescue swimmer, which increased his volition. My client experiences environmental pressure from the roles he needs to fulfill, his social groups (for example coaches and teammates), and the pressure to live up to his abilities. He is a skilled swimmer, who has found his occupational identity and has been able to create an occupational competence that he has easily been able to carry out in an occupation that is meaningful to

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