The Obvious-Bringing Wreck at the Asbury Lanes-LIVE! July 23rd

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The Obvious-Bringing Wreck at the Asbury Lanes-LIVE! July 23rd Punk rock is a very different art form these days, mostly due to the fact that the real purveyors are either dead, retired, or on to different things. So what’s left is the imitation. And while imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, it’s also a chance for new interpretations to rise from groups that follow the originals as influences and who have an eye on their own brand addition. Formed from the ideal of rebellion and a misfit society, The Obvious burst onto the scene with a snarl and bite of 1970s punkers like The Slits and The Cheap Nasties as well as more contemporary 1990s acts like The Breeders. The group has played king of the mountain with many like-minded groups but always manage to give that extra something that scrabbles them to the top of the pack. That “something” comes in the form of tenacity from guitarist Dan Astorri and singer Surojanie Sugrim, natives of Howell, NJ. The two grew up in suburban New Jersey, cutting class together in order to get to their real education of writing songs. The result is a high velocity mix of “in your face” rock and roll buckshot. Tongue in cheek or serious as a heart attack, these two write strong and catchy punk rock that walks a tightrope of emotion and sound. Sugrim’s voice is one of a kind, ranging from the candy caned sexual tease of Cindy Wilson (B-52’s) to the fierce and tribal roar of Kurt Cobain. She winds the band up slowly, sliding in and out of the arrangements like a serpent in the Garden of Eden and luring her crowd into the fun while she’s at it. I've noticed vast improvements in guitar attack here as well with Astorri and Sugrim tearing into the tunes with a renewed tone and skill l... ... middle of paper ... ... beat up Teles and Strats, T-shirts, sneakers and some cool new outlooks on life and the karma there of. Status Green is in that next zone, working out new directions and new musical journeys. Their performance was peppered with jagged new pop pills such as the Talking Heads meets Atlanta Rhythm Section feel of Denver after Dawn, funky and infectious pop with cool bridges and those memorable SG hooks. Sting my soul, comes at you with gritty Lennonesque attitude, Curtis Mayfield guitar hits and contemporary drum beats that pull this song into the commercial zone and Circles, an interesting tune that breaths a countrified Cure meets Tears For Fears urgency with majestic 80s choruses, guitar bends and complex long gone harmonies. Word has it that some big named MTV types recently interviewed these guys. Go find out what’s new at:

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