The Observation of the American Dream in Winter Dreams

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I once dreamt that I could fly, I could simply float over any building and nothing I so desired was beyond me, but it is just that, a dream. Freud would reassure you that this dream really meant that I had a desire to migrate or get away, this leads me to wonder what he would say about the American Dream. The American Dream is explained as the desire to be rich and look beautiful doing it, to live forever but never age, to be successful for effort not race. Fitzgerald was able to capture the inner voice of the American Dream in Winter Dreams. As you read about Dexter, the main character, you can get the full vocalization of the American through his work, love, and his failure.
Dexter becomes a wealthy man at a very young age by striving to by the best laundry in town, because of his hard work he solidifies the idea of the American Dream. Dexter’s genealogy suggests that he was not “American”, which remedies the idea. “Dexter knew that to be careless in dress and manner required more confidence than to be careful. But carelessness was for his children. His mother's name had been Kr...

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