The Obese Children of Today

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The Obese Children of Today What I know about obese children is that they are very unhealthy and that their chances of living a long productive life is practically obsolete. Ihave imagined many stereotypical things about these obese children. For instance, I believed that the obese child got to be how they are from their own good will. I also assumed that the obese child was a lazy individual with no sense of direction, simply an individual with no discipline and with low self-esteem. I thought of them as being eating machines with no self-control. In essences I felt that these obese children have given up in living a normal life (normal being what we as a society consider to be our mainstream). I was completely blinded that the blame should be placed on the child and on the parent for lack of effort in their part to stop the condition of being obese. As I began to do my research on obese children in the Internet, I came to the realization of a tremendous amount of information, which seem to be useless in that specific point of time. The way I began was by choosing a web browser, which there were a few to choose from. I decided to first choose Yahoo, and on Yahoo's searcher I placed the tittle of obese children, which to my surprise gave an enormous amount of sites to go into, in fact it gave me over two-million sites to go into. I began to start reading the tittles to see which one came closer to my need. I began to become enormously frustrated with the search because none of the tittles that I read was to my liking. Further and further I went and yet no paradise and finally I came to a tittle that interested me, but to my regret the site was not what I needed. Finally, after my disillusion of not finding what I wanted i... ... middle of paper ... ... stereotypes came crumbling down. Yes, it may seem that we are trying to find a way to blame someone or something else for being overweight, but that is not the case because children are just not active any more and if that inactivity continues we are just asking for many problems to come in the future. Works Cited Belfry, John. Child & Family. "Canadian Children Face Activity and Fitness Crisis" Committee on Sports Medicine and Fitness. "Fitness, Activity, and sports participation in the Preschool Child (RE9265)" Gidding, Samuel S. MD. AHA Medical/Scientific Statement. "Understanding Obesity in Youth" 12/2/98 Life Skills for Vocational Success. 12/2/98

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