The OAuth Algorithm

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Registering the unique identity of an application's users is nearly ubiquitous among all software today. A formalized method of allowing an application’s user to register their identity with an existing set of data, stored outside of your application, is known as OAuth (open standard for authorization). This method allows an application to gain access to the user’s data from a third-party server, providing the unique identification without requiring the user to step through a registration process to provide such. To algorithm of the OAuth method one must consider the three steps it requires: fetching the request, user authorization, and fetching the access [1].

Fetching an initial request token
Initially the OAuth process calls an authorize function which redirects the OAuth provider being used. The list of OAuth providers is too long to go through. We will consider a generic provider for the description of this algorithm. This authorize function begins what is referred to as the OAuth dance, redirecting the user to the third-party. Nothing is needed to store th...
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