The Nursing Shortage

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For many years, the nursing shortage has been a relevant topic in today’s society. The nursing shortage is defined as a lack of trained nurses to provide care for ill individuals. Nursing schools inability to grow programs quickly enough to meet demands (Nursing Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2014). The shortage is not only an issue in the United States but all over the world. This problem affects a wide range of people from current registered nurses, patients, and other members of the healthcare team. According to the Nursing Association of Colleges of Nursing (Rosseter, 2014), the nursing shortage is due to the expansion of healthcare and nurses who are baby boomers beginning to retire. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment reports,…show more content…
2). The purpose of this paper is to discover the issues of the nursing shortage affecting society, the solutions to overcome the shortage, and how the shortage affects quality of care.
Issues of the Nursing Shortage that affect today’s Society The media frequently portrays nurses’ inability to provide adequate patient care. People do not feel it is safe to be admitted hospitals. Unfortunately, the public is unaware of the responsibilities, medical knowledge, and skills required for proper care. The media presents a false view of nursing responsibilities, roles, and professional issues (Nevidjon & Erickson, 2000)
Several other causes have been attributed to the nursing shortage. An increase in the number of nurses is needed. Sadly, there is little increase in compensation for nurses. In addition to no growth in pay, the level of stress, responsibility, and demand nurses is increasing. Unfortunately, patients are the ones who suffer. When a hospital does not have the proper nursing staff to care for patients, it results in poor patient safety and patient outcomes (Buerhaus, Donelan, Ulrich, Norman, DesRoches, & Dittus, 2007). Nursing salaries compared to other professions has remained stagnant. For example, a registered

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