The Nursing Image

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Nursing has greatly changed throughout the years in numerous aspects. The nursing profession has had to overcome many obstacles pertaining to public perception, education, and other various issues within the field itself. Nursing image, education, and workforce issues are three aspects that have been tremendously influential in the profession. A History of American Nursing, Trends and Eras by Deborah Judd and Kathleen Sitzman further elaborate on the influential trends which aided in the evolvement of the nursing profession.
Public perception of nursing is a crucial indicator of how nurses will be treated by others and even how they perceive themselves. Mass communication and entertainment dating back from the printing in the 1600’s, to present
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The monasteries were cleanly and efficient. However, after the Thirty Year’s War, most of the monostatic institutions were destroyed, which resulted in solely nun’s providing nursing care and the perception of nursing as women’s work evolved. The destruction also resulted in the creation of public hospitals where common, unqualified women worked as nurses. Within the filthy and chaotic hospital were prostitutes, publicly intoxicated, and poverty stricken women sentenced to be nurses as an alternative to jail. They were known to steal from patients, provide sexual favors, and accept pay in alcohol. This negatively impacted the nursing image. Perception evolved from the previous men and women selflessly caring for the sick, to incompetent criminals providing care (Judd & Sitzman, 2013). The downward trend in nursing continued throughout the 1840’s and 1860’s and is referred to as the dark period in nursing. Conditions and public perceptions of nursing plummeted and were at a consistent low until Florence Nightingale sought to change the image of nursing, marking the…show more content…
He implemented Title VIII, the Nursing Act of 1964 which provided support for the war on poverty. The act was very influential because it emphasized access to care for all and helped established a pattern for future legislation and funding (Judd & Sitzman, 2013). Significant issues being resolved helped establish some balance and equality within the profession. The aging population proved to become another issue faced within the occupation. The need for nurses grew in order to accommodate the growing aging population. Any significant demand proves to be influential to the profession because if there is no need and demand, the profession would not