The Nuremberg Laws And Jews From German Citizenship

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Ever wondered what it was like to be alive during the Holocaust? Ever wondered what it was like to walk in the shoes of a Jew themselves? To be restricted and pushed off like you were nothing? The Nuremberg Laws excluded Jews from German citizenship, which ultimately led the dehumanization of the Jewish people. To be a German citizen is to have basic power over basically every Jew, giving them the right to dehumanize them, and to be racist to them. The Nuremberg Laws were laws produced by the Nazi’s in Germany, and were introduced on September 15, 1935 by the Reichstag at their annual rally after the Holocaust. These laws were written pretty quickly. Adolf Hitler was hesitantly prepared for even more policies and restrictions on Germany’s Jews. He began to outline new laws of which he figured was protecting the German blood. “On September 13, 1935, Hitler called on the desk officer for racial law in the Reich Ministry of the Interior (RMI), Bernhard Loesener, and on others, among them state secretaries Hans Pfundtner and Dr. Wilhelm Stuckart, to formulate the legal language of the laws (Background And Overview). Hitler gave himself two days to write up these laws and present them at the Nuremberg rally on September 15th. There was a lot of work done before the 13th, which was when Hitler decided to w rite out the laws, but there was little to no decision making based on the language and basic harshness of them. They would all jumble up their ideas over food on menu cards and worked together the laws that would work with and/or against the fortune of millions. Hitler practically asked these men to interpret racial philosophy into law. The head of Reich Office for Dr. Kurt Mayer was a Genealogy Researcher and got wind of what ... ... middle of paper ... ...n, due to the Nuremburg Laws that Hitler set forth caused the Jews to be dehumanized and have little no life left for them. All there basic rights were taken away because the Germans wanted the country back basically. They wanted to have their culture back and their independence. They were set into different categories, and even the ones who were the slightest Jewish were classified as a Jew, and they couldn’t do anything about it, because it was law. They were forced to wear their identification proudly on their shoulders. Hitler became so upset that he couldn’t force their migration that he took it to the extreme and decided to do some dirty work. He made the choice of eliminating every Jew decreasing the population enormously. These Laws not only dehumanize the Jewish population, but also took out their whole culture leaving a tragic historical event in time.

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