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Once I picked up Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult, reading was forever changed for me. At the time, I was confident that I would write my own novel some day and longed to possess the magic that Picoult’s work had. Her style for writing narratives is unique from almost anything else I’ve found to read with a mixed genre of contemporary, mystery, and crime. Elements in her writing that inspire me include topics that are realistic, relatable, and heavily researched, several different points of view that allow the reader to develop compelling opinions of each character, and emotions that tug the reader’s heart strings.
From school shootings and cancer to gay marriage and sexual assault, Picoult takes on very real situations. Several of her novels portray legal battles, and include court scenes demonstrating extensive insider research on each subject accounting for perspectives from lawyers, doctors, inmates, judges lieutenants, and detectives. A.J. Walkley, a writer for the Huffington Posts’ books section, talks about Picoult’s research for her latest book, The Storyteller. At a reading she discovered discovered, “there were Holocaust survivors in the audience whom Picoult had interviewed during her research for the book.” Sometimes her research is on a personal level. One of her latest reads, Sing You Home, is a sort of “coming out” story and the contemporary struggle of sexual orientation is close to her heart with her son’s coming out. Having no personal connection to the extremely brittle bone disease, osteogensis imperfecta, Picoult gave a clear account of it’s affect on family relationships as if it was a piece of her everyday life. Despite all the factual information and legalistics, Picoult always accomplishes an easy read wh...

... middle of paper ... this and how to do it well by not only putting the reader’s feet in the story, but putting the reader’s heart in it.

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