The Nonfiction Narrative: The Other Wes Moore

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528 words

Areon Uglyass Mitchell 23 August 2016 The nonfiction narrative, The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore is about two African American men who both go by the name Wes Moore. These young men have a very similar background, which caused Moore to be fascinated about both of their lives. Despite having a similar background, one man had more success than the other. Moore created this narrative and started to examine his life in juxtapose to the other Moore’s life. This narrative demonstrates what life is like when dealt with struggle and shows how humans are able to overcome the adversity. The author Wes Moore, was prestigious in his lifetime. When this man was young, he was a struggling student because he had a challenging time dealing with his

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the nonfiction narrative, the other wes moore, is about two african-american men who both go by the name of moore. they have a similar background, which caused moore to be fascinated about their lives.
  • Analyzes how , wes moore, was a prestigious student who struggled with his father's death. he had friends who were not good influence on him.
  • Opines that the " other " wes moore was not as successful, he was selling drugs as a way of living.
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