The Noble Eightfold Marga (Ways Or Paths): What Is The 8raps?

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The Noble Eightfold Marga( ways or paths ) :-
The goal of a theravada buddhist is to become an arhat . The layperson is asked by theravada buddhism to follow the middle path between the two extremes .
The goal of a mahayana buddhist is to attain buddhahood .
The eight ethical concepts are recommended by the 4 Noble Truths and we are told that an end to sufferings is possible by following the eight Noble steps .Sufferings and a rebirth are created by cravings , clinging and accumulation of karmas .Buddhism tell us that the bad effects are created by cravings and clinging . Karmas can be cancelled by self-control , meditation and mindfulness .
The aim of every buddhist is to attain Nirvana by understanding the true nature of Ultimate
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Rape , adultery and other evils can be prevented without stoning to death .We should take out the eyes , kidney and other organs of the rapists . We should collect money by selling these organs .and give this money to the victim of rape . Saint Augustine and Saint Aquinas said that rape and other evils are permitted by God .
5 Right profession or livelihood :-
Buddha asked people to abstain from those professions which are harmful to society .
Buddhism is against possessing more than the minimum needs of a man . Virtue lies in seeking more and more and making charity again and again . The physical body of every man becomes a radiant body by leading a moral life . Moral radiations come out of every truthful man .
Trades in weapons and butcherie are regarded by buddhists as immoral professions .
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Hence , good and bad acts are independent of concentration .
Mindfulness is a mental quality and it is created by a clear understanding and contemplation of the true nature of phenomena . Mindfulness is useful in an attainment of insight and it is created by an inspection of one’s own thoughts .
Buddhists claim that a clear understanding is created by meditation and a man can prevent the arrival of harmful thoughts from unconsciousness into consciousness . Buddhism gives great importance to a control of greed , hatred and delusion .
Buddhists also claim that the strength of the will is created by mindfulness . Wise men say :” Know thyself.” Contemplation and mindfulness help a man in identifying what is happening inside his mind .Buddhists claim that ignorance and sufferings are destroyed by understanding the concept of anatman , impermanence and Ultimate Reality .
Buddhists say that mindfulness is created by remembering the teaching given by buddha. _____________________________
8 Meditation :-
Meditation is done by buddhists with aim to get insight . For a successful meditation ( dhyana) it is necessary for the meditator to get rid of his desires . The meditation is done by having a contemplation on concepts like impermanence , no-self and sufferings

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