The No Child Left Behind Act

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President Bush quoted, “Clearly, our children are our future…Too many of our neediest children are being left behind” ( The “No Child Left Behind” Act expands the federal government’s role in elementary and secondary education. The NCLB act was enacted January 8, 2002, and has four reform principles to the act: Accountability, flexibility, Researched-based reforms and parental options. Accountability begins with informed parents, communities and elected leaders so we can work together to improve schools. The states will measure the progress by testing every child in grades 3 through 8 in reading and math, states will implement fair and effective annual tests and Washington will provide funding to states to design and implement tests. If the schools do not improve Parents, voters, and taxpayers will know if schools are improving, schools that do not improve will receive extra help with planning and technical assistance. After receiving extra help, schools that do not improve may be restructured. Flexibility means that No Child Left Behind gives communities the freedom to find local solutions for local challenges. For example…to provide more local control and flexibility, 50% of the formula funding from the following programs may be distributed among any of the programs: Teacher quality, education technology and safe and Drug-Free schools. Local Control and flexibility means money goes to solve problems, not to subsidize bureaucracy. There have been many problems of the NCLB act such as: Inadequate funding, while the administration likes to point to the large increases in spending for the education of the disadvantaged students under NCLB, funding must be viewed in the larger context of a lagging economy and h...

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...ox of changes, many of which are untested and unproven. Early experiments with choice, vouchers, charters and corporate franchising are far from convincing. Wise leaders move more cautiously and more judiciously. NCLB is a policy lunge of mammoth proportions. Poorly grounded on data and scientific research evidence, NCLB is an assault on the public education system rather than a well intentioned reform effort. It is more about abandonment, punishment and privatization than true reform. I think this law should be radically amended or repealed it is not doing any good children are still being left behind in certain subjects

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