The Night - Original Writing

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“You seem happier than usual today, Ariana,” Mrs. Sorun acknowledged as I pranced inside the classroom. She was exhausted, but wasn’t about to let a chance to mess with Tre to go by. “Don’t tell me… Tre finally decided to let you be the one in charge, so you tied him up to the bed and did whatever you wanted to him. Cause if you did, let me tell you I am highly jealous because he always wants to be the rough one, and I mean hair pulling, biting, scratching, trying his hardest to take my back out, when we’re...” “If you don’t stop spitting nonsense,” Tre interrupted before she had the chance to finish. “How many times will it take for me to tell you to leave me alone?” “Do me right here on the desk and if I scream loud enough, I might consider it afterwards.” With a lecherous gaze in her eyes, she swiftly unfastened the first few buttons of her dress shirt; revealing a boatload of cleavage. “Or are you too shy with this many people around?” “Your mind must be filled with vile thoughts, images and fantasies that helps you fall asleep at night and it’s a shame the school could only afford someone like you to teach us.” “I’m guessing that’s a no on the ‘do me’ thing then.” “Yes doesn’t even fit into this current equation. Besides, you wouldn’t know what to do with me.” “Tsk, kid get out of here with that shit,” she laughed before turning serious. “I would tear your ass up so bad you’d be calling me mommy by the time we’re through. I bet you wouldn’t last a minute…” Those two can go at it forever. “And where were you two at the other day?” Tia questioned me as I sat down. Her eyes were wide; glistening with interest. A smirk spread across her face. “We got lost, ended up being an hour late to the haunted house, I watched him scream, ... ... middle of paper ... ...ould take Tre’s advice and go seek professional help.” “Girls have dated men way worse than him, yet you’re saying you need professional help?” “Only insane people can like other insane people.” “Is liking him really that bad?” she laughed, stopping at a traffic light. “And if it is, all the girls who date him beforehand needs to go right along with you. And you’re pretty, Ariana; how many times do I have to tell you?” “They probably have already and no matter how many times I hear it; I find myself finding it hard to believe.” “If you keep acting like this he won’t find you at all attractive. Hell, I’m a girl and I wouldn’t dare to date you. Have a little confidence in yourself and make him regret laughing at your love confession.” “It wasn’t a love confession,” I corrected her. “It just happened to slip out during the heat of the moment and now I’m regretting it.”
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