The Nhs Outcomes Framework Has Five Standard Domains

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The NHS Outcomes Framework has five standard domains which is set out to improve the quality and outcome of care and services that is being delivered to the patients and service users (National Quality Board, 2011). As such, this project plan is focused on domain 2 as it has been mentioned before, is based on improving the quality of people with long term conditions. Nurses will give cardiac discharge advice to patients on self care, thus identifying how to improve and manage their condition so that they can continue with their normal lifestyle. Furthermore patients will be advised on how to overcome stress and depression which will help them in maintaining the activities of living (DoH, 2013).
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) developed the area of their concern for quality improvement in relation to t prevention and treatment of various kinds of health conditions or services. Therefore, in the course of this innovation, team members will make sure patients are safe and not harm by the change that aims to help them; care is effective, practising with the best available evidence based practice, is person centred; making patients first concerned when making clinical decision; avoiding unnecessary delays and provide care in timely manner (Health Foundation, 2013).
Frances Report (2013) gave a report of what led to the failure of the care Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust provided to patients. He reported that this failure is as a result neglect and of lack of good leadership and incompetence fundamental nursing care by health care professionals such this called for a major change in the culture of the NHS across the country. Hence, the innovation team cultivate the culture of transparency, honesty, tru...

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...culture which is the 6 C’s and they are as follows: care, compassion, courage, communication, competence and commitment. They will give best quality of care to patients and service. be more responsible, work collaboratively, involved, be compassionate and provide adequate care plans to improve now and future services to sustain the change (NHS Confederation, 2012).
Consequently, various leadership skills such as verbal and nonverbal communication will be used appropriately in this innovation as this innovation will take some months (Ellis and Harley, 2008). The use of different leadership skills will help the leader to manage the team by encouraging them; and teaching them about the significance of the new change within the healthcare and its importance in improving the quality of care provided and patients safety (Institute for Innovation and Improvement, 2006).

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