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After taking English 101, I believe I am ready to go to English 300, because I have learned the fundamentals of English from this course that will help me apply them the next English class. When I started English 101, I thought of two things. The first thing was, am I going to be able to pass this class? And the second thing I thought was, what important content will I learn in this English class? To respond to the first question, it all depends on this final and any revision I make. And to answer the second question is, the important things I have learned in English 101 are how to change and improve essays, understanding the use of grammar and punctuations, how the grammar exercises benefited me, and learned how to use grammar tools.
When I started this English class, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. I have always had a hard time write essays out. Rather it was to read something and then tell what the author argument was to just writing a personal narrative essay. When I was working on essay one, I wasn’t sure how to analyze a text, but by the end of this class, I can choose something to read and tell you actually what the author’s point is. Before this class, I never knew that, “writing is never done,” I thought was once you submitted that paper and got a grade back that you could move on to the next thing. But I learned that there is always room for revisions. I can tell that from each essay that I wrote, that each one of them still have room for changes. For example, Essay one was probably one the worst essay I have written, but now that I have learned how to revise things, I can go back and make it a better easy. With every paper, must come great grammar.
In the beginning of this class, I only knew a handful ...

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...median, or describe how he wasn’t sober before the tests”(pg.1). When I met with my teacher, I noticed she always had great feedback and that I would be able to make a stronger paper with her comments. When I get into English Writing 300, I hope that we will have the opportunity to have peer-edit groups.
By learning all these skill sets, it will help me in my English Writing 300 class. Without this class I probably would have been lost and would have failed English Writing 300. Also another factor that helped me learn all these skills was the professor, without a Professor like Heather Donovan, I would have been board of the class and lost, but because she had an amazing attitude towards teach wither she was sick or she broke her foot, she just kept on teaching with great energy. These days you don’t come across teachers that love there job and want to be there.
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