The New Working Class Created by the Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution created the new working class. Comparing to the life of the wealthy and people in middle class, the housing conditions of the industrial workers seemed outlandish. They were packed into tenements, or multistory buildings divided into tiny rooms, with no running water, sewage, nor clean drinking water. Their wastes were dumped onto the streets and rivers. On top of these harsh conditions, the sanitation system in these tenements were extremely poor which caused the widespread of diseases, such as cholera. Although their housing condition was bad, it paled in comparison with the working condition in the factories. The working class was composed of farmers who abandoned their rural lifestyles for the industrial cities and job opportunities. Comparing to their previous lifestyle, life in factories was harsh and the workers had to work up to sixteen hours for six or seven days a week with low wages. The workers only got breaks whenever the factory owners permit them and most of the factory owners were Social Darwinism or Rugged Individualism who didn’t care about their workers. The long hours of work resulted in exhausted workers which led to maiming accidents as people accidentally lost parts of their bodies to the machines. In addition to being maimed, many workers developed lung diseases due to long hours of inhaling lint in the unventilated factory air and workers with physical conditions were laid off. Worst of all, women in the factories were burden with factory work and house work. Suffering from exhaustion and diseases from the factory works, women went home to face problems, such as clothing, food, and children. The conditions of the factories were no better in New York City, United States, the Triang...

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