The New Millennium Minstrel Show

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In the beginning of Bamboozled, it seems that Pierre Delacroix, writer of Mantan: The New Millennium Minstrel Show, is a sell-out to his own people and he knows it. As the movie progressed on, it looks as if he is portrayed all wrong, but towards the end of the movie, I started to think he was a sell-out all over again. He became a product of his creation. Pierre Delacroix, real name Peerless Dothan, wanted to be white, but he failed to realize that he would never be because of his skin color. He changed his own name so he would be more appealing to white people. Delacroix didn’t know his own culture enough, but yet he proceeds to exploit the stereotypes made about Black people. He thought that he could create a show that was racist and wrong on purpose to show people that what they think of Black people is fallacious. He expected to get a terrible reaction from the public, but instead, the people were eating up the stereotypes and the mockery of racism and slavery. He didn’t realize until it was already too late that he made a mockery of his people and that he contributed to the ignorant portrayal of the Black race. The people, including Blacks, were enjoying it so much that they didn’t even realize what they were actually watching and what Black people went through and what we are still going through because of what white people think of us and our culture. By the end of the movie, Delacroix is filled with self-hate because he realizes that he lost focus and let the fame consume him enough to make him forget about the real reason he wrote the show in the first place; He wanted to people to see exactly how they exploit Black people and how the stereotypes they have of us make us look like ignorant buffoons. Even though people lik... ... middle of paper ... ...ealizing how it made the rest of our race look. They had lost their dignity and integrity because of money and fame, but didn’t know what they were doing until it was a little too late. Everyone wanted to be a nigga because it was popular, but no one wanted to deal with the history that comes with it. Being a nigga shouldn’t be a goal nor should it be uplifted because it is demeaning, racist, and belittling. “People love Black culture, but don’t love Black people” is a phrase that is all too familiar and it’s sad that it’s one of the most accurate phrases I’ve heard. That phrase basically means that at the end of the day, to white people, we are still considered subhuman, less than, and inferior. They are always going to constantly make a mockery of us unless we change the image that they have set for us and even then, we may still always be the butt of their jokes.
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