The New Face of Obesity in America

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Obesity is defined as having overly excessive body fat and a body mass index, BMI, greater than 30. It is different in being overweight in that, being overweight can conclude from a large amount of muscle or a small amount of excess fat. Whereas being obese means there is an extreme amount of excess fat. Causes of obesity include excessive caloric intake, lack of exercise, and genetics. Previously, obesity was considered a lifestyle choice but more recently it has been determined medically as a chronic disease or disability. Today more than one third of all American’s are considered obese. In the past obesity was a topic that was attempted to prevent. Now with new healthcare, and a medical diagnosis, the focus on obesity is no longer an attempt to prevent it, but to treat an already existing disease. Has this caused a sense of acceptance of obesity? If Americans know that they will still get healthcare, no matter what size, are people more susceptible to weight gain? There is more evidence than not that Americans waist sizes are getting larger as time progresses. The odds are against them. With multiple factors increasing weight gain, and few factors stopping weight gain, the health of America is quickly going down the drain.
Obesity is considered a chronic disease in which the body holds an excessive amount of fat that can potentially cause harmful effects on the body. These negative effects include a multitude of diseases including: heart attacks, strokes, type 2 diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea; the list continues for pages. Obesity is considered to be the leading preventable cause of death in America. Prevent means to stop something from happening. With a new focus on treating, not preventing, Obesity is ...

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... be changed though. Doctors can look at ones family history to determine if an individual is more susceptible to obesity. Then that person can take preventative measures and precautions to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Obesity is 100% preventable if you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, even if obesity “runs in the family”.
Health is one of the most important aspects of life since conception. In the modern world, obesity has become apart of American’s lifestyle. Obesity has become a habit. This habit that leads to problematic health concerns, economical set backs, and even death. A now diagnosable disease that is preventable should not have such control over anyone. The American mindset needs to shift from treatment of obesity, to prevention of obesity. With a focus on preventing obesity, America will become healthier, and financially more stable.
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