The New DoS Attack

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This essay will define a “denial of service” (DOS) attack and explain the steps involved in an attack. The new type of DOS attack using phone lines will be the focus of the research provided in this essay. Denial of service attacks can affect both business and financial operations of an individual or a business. The impact of the attack both on financial and business operations will be outlined. The measures a person or business can put into place in order to avoid these attacks will be discussed. If a business or individual is still subject to an attack certain actions can help to minimize the losses caused by the intrusion. Actions to take in the event an attack is not avoided will be suggested.

A “denial of service” attack or DoS attack targets a computer and a network and attempts to prevent a user from accessing information. The victim of the attack may not be able to access bank information, email, or other services. The term “denial of service” is the name of the attack because the attacker floods the server with requests which then “denies” the legitimate user access to the server because the server can only handle a certain amount of requests. (McDowell, 2009). A DoS attack can affect an email account by maximizing the number of emails an account can receive, therefore, denying legitimate emails from being sent to the account. The DoS attack can go a step further and distribute the attack (DDoS) from the victim’s computer onto other networks or computers. The attack takes advantage of the weaknesses of network and sends a surge of information by using more than one computer at the same time. (McDowell, 2009).

New DoS Attack

In 2010 a new type of DoS attack emerged attacking phone lines. The concept...

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In this essay, the author

  • Defines a "denial of service" attack and explains the steps involved in an attack. the impact of the attack on financial and business operations will be outlined.
  • Explains that a new type of dos attack emerged in 2010 attacking phone lines. the attack is consciously planned by the criminal by obtaining sensitive information from the victim.
  • Explains that small to mid-size businesses are the focus of telephone dos attacks, and that the first step in avoiding being a victim of an attack is understanding the impact of the attack.
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