The New Deal

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To further fulfill his promise in helping America, Roosevelt made use of the radio to deliver updates to all Americans. He delivered his first Fireside Chat on March 12, 1933 in which he informed America about the banking reforms that were passed to improve a sense of security when investing. The Fireside Chats brought new information to those as far as California who may not be up to date on the latest news at Washington D.C. These Fireside Chats were much appreciated by the American People and got the public involved in politics and the government.
After a successful first term in office, Roosevelt was elected into another term making it his eight and last term. He continued making reforms and laws that pushed the American people to a new height in confidence. Millions of unemployed men were also put to work under the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) which provided jobs and training to work in different industries such as agriculture and natural resources. This lowered the unemployment rate and started to bring many families out from their poor state and into a state of minute wealth, enough to provide for the basic necessities of life.
Although Roosevelt’s success has been constantly growing, people started to become restless. The Great Depression did not end with the programs and there is still a great deal of poverty in America by 1936. That was when Roosevelt made the Second New Deal. He created the WPA, Works Progress Administration, to try and appease the side who thought he was too controlling on businesses and those who thought he was not doing enough. The WPA hired over two million workers from the U.S. per month and built many roads, airports, hospitals and schools and a few of its most famous projects, The Nat...

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... “new deal” that would get us out of the housing bubble. One lady named Trish Parcell said “Do you feel as if you were in a time warp?”, as she reflected back on the events of the past and the present. Obama stuck to his promise, and got us out of the bubble with a deal- two presidents, two similar situations, and one new deal, to get America out of a bad economic situation. No two presidents could be more alike than the two who got America back to better grounds.
The New Deal may have had an historic beginning and an abrupt ending because of World War II and the production it brought, but the legacy- the programs, continue to this very day. It is historically a great influence to both the people living in America, and the stock market, which to this day, still is monitored by the many programs Franklin D. Roosevelt created to make the world, America, move again.

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