The New American Culture : The Revolution, Transcendentalist Thinking, And The Second Great Awaking

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When the colonies broke from Britain their society was still built on the traditional ideas of Britain. As America grew and adapted their culture needed to do the same. In the 19th century the Market revolution, transcendentalist thinking, and the Second great awaking started the change to new thinking. As you look at the changes shown in these articles you see that popular culture and high culture are put together by disposing of traditional views, making what was considered high culture available to others, and in allowing new ideas to be expressed in reforms. This new American culture shows the belief in this period of individual freedom and how important it was to helping America develop. 19th century Americans gave way to traditional thoughts by breaking away from traditional authority and they put emphasize on their own individualism. In the letters to George Wilson you see that he is a man living away from home and with the multiple letters he is not heading his parents advice. This is showing the new antebellum families that cast away the traditional idea of colonial families. The individualist idea is shown by the fact that the parents no longer have as strong of an authority over their son and he no longer feels a need to stay home. Also this new idea of marrying for love instead being told who to marry shows how the younger society no longer has to try to marry to help the family. Th idea of marriage is now for their own sake and not their families. No longer were there social demands in their culture for traditional family relationships. Also the idea of marriage and how women fit in began to change. Henry Clark Wright stated that man has no “ right to compel her to yield to his passion, and thus to lie against the... ... middle of paper ... ...ted to help society become better by helping those that have always been considered outcast. So in considering everyone a part of humanity they really began to believe that an individual can bring it self up to anything by helping oneself. Reforms helped develop the culture to something based off of all the individual ideas that the society was exploring. In the 19th century Americans were in the antebellum era and were using reforms to express new ideas. As it was developed a new culture was created from these ideas to appeal to society and express what the American people were saying. The old traditional beliefs were now unfitting because everything else was changing. With the market revolution and with society growing more democratic it began to push the idea of Individualism even more and with that there became a need for the American culture to change as well.

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