The Never Ending War

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730 words

“We fight each other for territory; we kill each other over race, pride, and respect. We fight for what is ours. They think they’re winning by jumping me now, but soon they’re all going down, war has been declared.” Abuse, Pain, Violence, Racism and Hate fill the street of Long Beach California. Asians, Blacks, Whites and Hispanics where the students that made up Wilson High school; students from different ethnic backgrounds facing affiliated gang problems from day to night. This movie contains four messages: Non judgmental, compassion, the power of the human will/goodness to benefit humanity, and education.
Non judgmental and Compassion was a message in this movie. Mrs. Erin Gruwell had no idea of what she gotten herself into when she volunteered to be an English teacher at Woodrow Wilson Classical High School, a highly gang affiliated high school in Long Beach, California. Her students are separated along racial lines and have few aspirations beyond street survival. Erin Gruwell saw more to the students than gang members. She saw what no one else could see, she was non judgmental and had compassion for the students. Being that it was her first year teaching, in the beginning the students saw her as a “babysitter”, and they hated her because she was white. Teenagers in Long Beach California thought it was their destiny to become gang members with their respective race. They believed to continue the fight that their ancestors started. During this time they felt like they were being force education by the government to go to school with different races they hate. Freedom Writers first portrays teenagers as students who don’t know anything but how to survive on the street. They felt that war had been declared and they were killing ...

... middle of paper ... helps (recapture) teach lessons for a living a quality life. This movie makes valid points about how life use to be and the main message is to be non judgmental. Being judgmental can cause so many problems because you never know that people go through because things are not what they always appear. .” Abuse, Pain, Violence, Racism and Hate fill the street of Long Beach California but in room (203) there was love, joy, friendship and education. The writer introduced several scenarios on how children hated each other simply because of race. Young innocent children were influence by family and friends of the same race to creating hatred and gang’s violence against other races. The four messages in Freedom Writer are: Non judgmental, having compassion, the power of the human will/goodness to benefit humanity, and education. Segregated by race, untied with education.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the movie contains four messages: non judgmental, compassion, the power of the human will/good to benefit humanity, and education.
  • Analyzes how mrs. erin gruwell, an english teacher at woodrow wilson classical high school in long beach, california, enlightened her students to succeed at any cost and that it is more to life than gang violence.
  • Analyzes how racism in long beach california had been going on for some time and had even (moved) down from generation to generation affecting the younger children.
  • Analyzes how mrs. erin gruwell looked over the student violence gang behavior and saw children that were lost and needed proper guidance. when the students saw how much she cared, they began to care and become a family.
  • Analyzes how watching freedom writers helps teach lessons for living a quality life. the movie makes valid points about how life used to be.
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