The Nervous System: The Central And Peripheral Nervous System

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The Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems
The human body is a complex organism, it is comprised of numerous individual systems that all work together to maintain the living body. Working as the chief system in the body is the Nervous System. The Nervous System as defined by ( Miriam Webster, 2014) is “a system of nerves in the body that send and receive messages for controlling movement and feeling between the brain and the rest of the body.” The Nervous System is further complex and divided into 2 systems that work together to process and perform all voluntary and involuntary functions.
Much like a computer the body has a central processor unit called the Central Nervous System or CNS. This system is comprised of 2 core units; the Brain and the Spinal Cord. According to the (U.S National Library of Medicine, 2014) “they work together and serve as the main "processing center" for the entire nervous system, and control all the workings of the body.” The Brain receives information from a variety of stimuli and uses the spinal cord to send and relay messages to the Peripheral Nervous System or PNS.
The Peripheral Nervous System’s main purpose is to connect the central nervous system to the limbs and organs to execute commands. The PNS is further divided into 2 systems; the somatic (voluntary) nervous system and the autonomic (involuntary) nervous system. These 2 systems process and execute voluntary commands like walking or speaking and involuntary commands such as breathing and sweating. The PNS also works as a pathway to relay sensations or stimuli back to the CNS.
Both the CNS and PNS communicate via neurons. Neurons are nerve cells that consist of den...

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...ance. TBI can also have adverse effects on cognitive task such as speaking, memory and processing information. A person with this type of injury may find it difficult or impossible to communicate the want for ice cream. Lastly psychological injuries can drastically change or affect a person’s personality. The Nervous System plays a crucial role in our everyday life and we often take for granted all of its task and funtions.

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