The Negative Sociological Aspects Of Sexism In American Sports

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The phrase “More than just a game” is used often (to describe the passion someone has for a particular sport) so when you hear it, it may go in one ear and out the other. From the outside looking in, some may not view sport as beneficial beyond exercise purposes or pure entertainment purposes. It provides significant incentives that last far longer than just the duration of your participation. Sports serves as a fundamental aspect of American culture and their values are significant when it comes to their effect on economics, politics, mass media, relationships, and public influence. Athletics attempts to help us understand the values and ethics that apply not only to athletes, but to an entire society. In American society sport holds a social…show more content…
Athletics can fracture complex and sensitive issues such as race, gender, class, ability, and sexual orientation. Sexism in American sport is a big issue that challenges the social roles of women. A more in-depth look investigates problems such as media coverage, the lack of female participation, and the lack of resources for female collegiate athletes. Women’s sports are advertised and televised way less than the sports of their counterpart. Statistics also show that female professional athletes are paid less than male athletes are. When it comes to intercollegiate athletics, women varsity programs receive less funding from the university than varsity men programs. Another negative sociological aspect is the existence and oppressiveness of homophobia and heterosexism in sport. Racism in sport is also an ongoing detrimental issue. This includes racial prejudices and the negative use of Native American mascots. Natives have protested teams like the Washington Redskins, Fighting Illini of the University of Illinois, and the Cleveland Indians because of their claim that the teams’ mascots mock and offend their culture. Now that the sociological aspects of sport in American culture has been outlined hopefully you have a better understanding of why sport is such a huge component of our society. When it comes to other cultures in other countries across the globe, they hold their own perspectives and ideas about the sociological aspects of athletics and the social impact they have on

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