The Negative Issue Of Gun Control

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Should civilians have the right to bear arms in the United States? Gun Control is a very controversial topic in this country at the moment. Why is Gun Control so controversial? Well to start, gun related fatalities have been increasing by thousands every year. In 1992, the number of deaths associated with gun related activities reached almost 40,000 which almost surpassed the number of deaths associated with automobile accidents (The Effectiveness of Gun Control Laws page 1). There are many different opinions regarding the issue of gun control. There are some citizens that strongly believe that they have the right to bear arms in this country, and that they are used as protection against outside forces. Some also believe that there is no need for…show more content…
Polls state that when asked if stricter gun laws would reduce the number of mass shootings in the U.S., 19% agreed, and 31% disagreed (Gallup Polls). When asked if banning weapons altogether would be a good alternative, only 27% favored that (Gallup Poll). In 2012, 44% of Americans favored a law that would make it illegal to manufacture, sell or possess semi-automatic guns, while 51% opposed (Gallup Poll). Patty Murray, one of Washington’s elected officials said that she wants more gun control. She does not want citizens to be able to carry guns without a permit, and without a very thorough background check. She is very pro-gun control. There is a lot of fuss going around about whether or not the United States needs more gun laws, or if the existing gun laws are sufficient. Liberals and populists generally speaking favor more gun laws, and would generally favor more restrictions of ownership (On The Issues). Moderate Conservatives and Libertarians are more likely to oppose gun laws (On The Issues). As demonstrated above, there is a wide range of opinions concerning whether or not we need more gun laws, or if our laws are satisfactory as of

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