The Negative Impacts Of Texting

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Do new inventions really affect the old schedule that a person has made? It is true that with new inventions being introduced old work, schedule, and much more has changed. New inventions includes the use of technology; with technology comes phones. There are many more inventions, but phone is one of the largest inventions and phones are very common and popular in use. While using phones it is very convenient and affordable to text other people, yet texting can have negative impacts on a person’s life. Texting can be bad for a person in his day to day life due to many reasons. Some of the reasons are: the slangs and acronyms, incorrect grammar usage, and no sense of proper information being sent in the text message. Initially, slangs…show more content…
Sometimes people get very busy that it becomes hard for them to notice that the text sent was unclear or that the message was not conveyed properly. Amongst other things, proper content of the text must be sent out clearly. If the content message maybe unclear than the receiver of the text may not be able to fully comprehend the message and it can create confusion. “Although they are comfortable using technology without an instruction manual, their understanding of the technology or source quality may be shallow.” (Oblinger). In addition to the unclear information sometimes the device itself becomes unclear, because the use of phone is only considered for one sole purpose: texting mostly. Even if the device is well known and familiar, the content must be sent correctly for clarity purposes. It is necessary to remember that while writing a lab report, an essay, or a research paper the message and the content must be conveyed appropriately. In conclusion, it is clear that slangs and acronyms, grammatical errors, and the content of the message are unclear sometimes. Texting can cause a negative impact on writing ability and it can even reduce the ability to write formally. It is necessary to comprehend that texting does not only have negative impacts, but mostly it is understood to have negative impact. New inventions, and the upcoming inventions may cause even more disturbance in everyone’s writing

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