The Negative Impacts Of Social Media

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The Negative Most Think that social media doesn’t have any negative sides. When you think of social media what do you think of. People who use social media don 't think about how it can beneficial or not. how about this if you asked your self what would it be like to not have social media. would you benefit from it or would you need it. Most importantly this paper is to inform the reader whether or not it’s inserting. Let start with this question, What is social media? A form of electronic communication (as Web sites and social networking) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (as videos). Social Media comes to a point on whether social media has a positive or negative out look on people in general. Social media effects both on privacy, theft, cyberbullying, advertising and much more on social media. If do don 't believe me go on to you computer and try and look up positive view of social media and you will see that there aren’t any good thing on social media. The importance of social media and not just the positive and negative views. The important details are the Face to Face connections, Time Wasting. Isolation and privacy are another of many in the two main drawbacks of social media that you should be worried about when using it. Your privacy also includes other factors as well as in Theft, Online Predators. Facebook makes money is by matching people up to products. When starting to use Facebook I was addictive then when the days of my life went on I felt more depressed, now I don 't even touch Facebook or any type of social media. Have you search for something on Google or any other search engine this is one way the social media sites gets money by buy... ... middle of paper ... ... that share other interest. When it comes to Facebook its easy to connect however are real on social media how do relationships work when you don 't who the the person is in real life they could be faking every thing that you think is true. Social media could make people more honest to other people. What are friends? Are the friends we have on Facebook Really friends? Do you Know? Research has said that its has been easier to make friends than before. Is that true or not? Ask your parents how many friends did they have and how many of them were real friends? The world to day is different but not so far apart. About 80 percent of the people that are on your Facebook profile are not your friends, The other 10 percent of the people of your friends are people you do talk to and the other 10 percent you socialize with other people off of Facebook doing outside activities.
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