The Negative Impacts Of Smartphones

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Over the past few years, there have been drastic advances in technology, which has allowed people to have access to unlimited information within a few seconds. There has been an immense increase in the usage of smartphones because people are addicted to all of the capabilities their phones can perform, which include surfing the web, using social networks, and even using their phone as navigation. It seems that smartphones have made tons of people’s lives less complicated, but there have been some negative impacts from smartphones that have often gone unnoticed. Since smartphones offer an excessive amount of information, people are now relying on getting knowledge from their phones instead of making an effort and using their own minds. No one…show more content…
Not everyone uses technology in a way that can negatively impact him or her because they know that they have to use technology in moderation. If technology is used properly it can be used in more ways than ever thought, which is what Keith Wagstaff says in his article when he mentions, “Is that an entirely bad thing? Smartphones make life a lot more convenient and could benefit the brain in ways we have not studied yet. It might be that certain types of Internet usage make us smarter and other types do the opposite”(3). Technology can lead to multiple advances that can change the lives of people around the world because people are always in need of new discoveries to help them. People need to become more educated about the use of technology so that they can use it to become a more knowledgeable instead of overloading themselves with information that slows them down. If people learn the proper way to function with society then they can use technology without having to worry about it having a negative impact on them. Overall, technology needs to be taken more seriously so people will not have to deal with all of the negative issues of technology. The addiction to technology is not a joke because a person can truly become addicted to technology and not know how to stop using it. People cannot even act like themselves anymore because their addiction to technology has taken over their lives and they may not even notice. More studies need to be done and mentioned about the addiction to technology, so people will know if they have an addiction and what they can do to fix it. If this technology addiction continues to go unaddressed, people will not be able to know how to live without

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