The Negative Impacts Of Gender Roles

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The official definition of gender roles is “a set of societal norms dictating what types of behaviors are...considered acceptable...based on [a person 's] sex” (Gender). Gender roles have more or less existed since the beginning of early human civilization, and are still predominant. Many individuals have tried to showcase how these genders roles are harmful to the growth of society. Kim Edwards, the author of The Memory Keeper’s Daughter writes a tale about a father who upon learning that his newborn daughter has down syndrome decides to give her up and tell his wife that their daughter was stillborn. In one article called “Millennials More Accepting of Working Moms Than Past Generations” it is revealed how much society has grown (or not…show more content…
The article “Young Mums Sidelined over Nutrition” discusses about how women are disempowered because they have little say in household and child rearing decisions and that “when mothers are disempowered they are less likely to attend for themselves and their children” (Garbarino). This illustrates how closely tied together gender roles and nutrition are. Women are usually left with household managing and child rearing roles, yet in some parts of the world they can not even go to the doctor for medicine without their husband’s approval. Limiting a female’s decision-making power renders her incapable of taking control of herself and can be harmful to her children. The idea of gender roles being inimical to the health of women and their children is further validated by the The Memory Keeper’s Daughter as seen in the case of a woman name Norah. When Norah’s husband, David, tells her that their daughter Phoebe was stillborn she falls into postpartum depression. Instead of going to get the help Norah needs, she falls into the societal gender role that “she has her house, her baby, [and] her doctor husband. She [is] suppose to be content” (Edwards 76). The quote emphasizes that society dictates that a woman with a family and a house should be satisfied with what she has. Norah realizes that she’s not feeling well, but…show more content…
Millennials states about how gender roles are affecting decision making in married couples and Edwards cites a specific example using gender roles in Norah and David’s relationship. Moreover, Garbarino asserts the drawbacks on health Gender roles are causing and Edwards also confirms this through the illustration of an individual suffering alone with depression due to gender roles. All texts support that idea that prevalent gender roles in married couples are harmful to individual’s health, and that if they continue to survive society’s growth may also be affected. Afterall, if gender roles are widespread in married couples, what hope is there in establishing gender equality on a global
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