The Negative Impacts Of Cell Phones

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In recent years, cell phones have become highly accessible and a necessity in the United States and around the globe. Since their beginning, they were very uncommon, but now, they have become an everyday need and are portable and pocket-sized to perform a wide variety of tasks. Cell phones were exclusively used for making calls, but now they perform numerous tasks besides just being a phone. Sometimes we get a little bit anxious the moment we realize we can’t find our phone, but is evidence that, phones have taken over our lives in ways that we could not anticipate (Arandilla,2012). In a recent study, individuals are communicating more via text messages and cell phone than face-to-face interactions, changing our social surroundings. According to a CNN article publication, “the telephone call is a dying institution and the number of text messages sent monthly in the US exploded from 14 billion in 2000 to 188 billion in 2010” (Klugar,2012). We take our cell phones with us everywhere we go either to the workplace, on dates, to parties, ceremonies or even to religious meetings. Modern cell phones help in so many tasks such as text messaging, emailing, internet access, video gaming and among several others. In a report by the Huffington Post, “about 88 percent of American adults own a cell phone” (New, 2012). Mobile phones dictate the way we live and unfortunately, have a negative impact on our social relationships in terms of trust and empathy, replacing face-to-face interaction, making people less aware of their surroundings and becoming too attached to their cell phones.
First of all, mobile phones have adversely impacted trust and empathy among individuals in the society making it hard to socialize. A research experiment ...

... middle of paper ... not efficient in improving one’s grammar, vocabulary and spelling. Hence, cell phones already have a huge impact on our lives and our relationships.
In conclusion, still a lot of research is to be carried out on the negative effects of mobile phones that impact our social relationships. Cell phones do have both positive and negative effects but it comes to a point where the negative exceeds the other. By creating awareness of these negative effects through the media, it will equip users to prioritize their time to prevent further addictions. Also, parents should take into consideration these facts and statistics to help decrease the amount that kids spend on the phone, but rather have set a limited time for finishing up with assignments and other recreational activities. Teenagers are the ones most at risk so these should not be taken lightly.
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