The Negative Impact Of Technology In The Education System

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Over the past 100 years there have been plenty of changes in the education system that has been positive, however some researchers have found them to be negative as well. Technology has had a positive impact as well as a negative. For instance, technology now can deepen the learning of a child. However, some people see technology as a negative impact because it is a distraction. Another change that has occurred in the education system is the No Child Left Behind Act, a positive thing about this is that students are getting extra help now. Nonetheless a negative impact on this act is that teachers are just teaching so that a child can pass a test. And lastly, another change that has happened in the education system is the Common Core Standard.…show more content…
Technology in the classroom has made a major impact on students. According to the article: Technology in Today’s Classroom: Are You a Tech-Savvy Teacher? It was mentioned that “The occurrence of technology in everyday life, such as a classroom has moved students toward a more visual learning style” (Hicks, 2011). In the past year’s schools had chalk boards that the teachers would use. Now a day almost every school uses a smart board. This makes it easier for the teacher to teach their lessons. Today, computers have become the number one factor in a child’s life. Students are given assignments where they have to use the internet to find research. Technology can be a positive reform in child’s and also a teacher’s life. Technology is positive to a child because it gives them more visual. Technology is a positive change for teachers due to the fact that it saves the teachers a lot of time. Teachers can input grades manually, and it is faster for them to get grades and averages for students (Hicks, 2011). However, there are some negative changes in technology. Some teachers feel the need to resist technology due to the fact on how it makes them look. They feel that technology will make them “look stupid” (Hicks, 2011). Also, some teachers also believe that technology is

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