The Negative Essay On Immigration In The United States

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Immigration in America Every single person in the world is different from each other. The way one is or acts are a way to distinguish a person from another, but there is something that can tell us part from others and that is our race. The United States is made up of many races, most being Whites, Black or African, and Hispanic or Latino. Many of these people came as immigrants and some became citizens. Those that didn’t and stayed illegally became a problem in the United States. There was so many already so the government took action and they decided that they were going to take only skilled workers. Yet why only let those that are skilled or that bring a benefit to the US in? There are many that are not skilled, but maybe they bring something different in.…show more content…
There are people that don’t like immigrants and some that just don’t care about it. Also when it comes to choosing a president people want to hear everything they have planned for the US, but many also want to hear about what they have to say about the immigration problems. Today candidate Donald Trump, has a strong argument on immigration problems. Going more against Mexico Trump says, that Mexico should pay to make a better wall for the border and that he wants to deport all illegal immigrant from Mexico back to Mexico. He also says that it is Mexico’s fault they are in the situation they are in and that is why many are coming to the US. Mexicans and Latinos make up a huge part of the US and many of these people started to dislike him. Things like these make a huge impact act because if this was to happen many things would change. Yet many of these immigrants don 't have the right to vote, so they don 't have a chance to decide things like our next president. Besides this many just don’t like it because many of these immigrants are a cost to the US and that they are taking away jobs. This has been an issue since employment rates have gone

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