The Negative Effects of an Economy Starving for More Money

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Are the people living now happier than those who grew up in the past? Our money system relies on a constant increase in money circulation. The everyday needs were met in the seventies just like they are now. The only difference now is that everything people want or need is reached on a much larger scale because our economy is always trying to keep up with the debt. When the flow of money slows down the banks crave a new alternative to quench its never ending thirst for more. The people are the ones who have to meet the quota or they will suffer. This is a problem because it forces people to basically need money in order to survive in present day. It causes money to almost be a part of them and that is not natural to the human soul. When something unnatural becomes part of a human it can have a negative outcome on their actions. Another way to look at is if humans are born to survive the challenges they face then they will do anything to gain money because it is simply a way to survive. This is why money was able to transform into an empire that needs to keep growing to provide better protection for all the people part of it. Empires have to meet certain requirements to continue functioning. In order for the current money system to work it requires debt, new categories where money can exist, and the constant use of the world’s resources.
Every time a bank creates money and lends it to someone, that person not only needs to pay back the debt, they need to pay back interest on the debt, interest which literally does not exist.
“Money goes towards those who create new goods and services and this is why there are not many jobs to be had reclaiming the commons and protecting natural and cultural treasures” (Eisenstein 103). Bank...

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...estruction. People have the illusion that our generations’ way of living is much better than the past. The truth of it is that money has become a cancer to the human soul and this will cause a variety of negative effects on almost all aspects of life. The banks are huge monsters that become hungrier as people feed it.

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