The Negative Effects of Marketing on Children

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The question of morality doesn’t exist in the marketing field. Marketing firms are willing to do anything for an increase in profit, even if it means to sell to young children. Before, only a limited amount of American companies directed their marketing at children. Unfortunately, today children’s get targeted by phone companies, oil companies, automobile companies, and brand name clothes. Even though advertisement is a contributing factor for economic growth, but advertisement can also easily manipulate children to purchase products that can affect their life/health. The author Eric Schlosser wrote an article titled “Kid Kustomers”. The main purpose of this article was to inform the readers about how advertisements are aiming towards children, so they could get their products sold. The article also states how companies base their advertisements on children’s interest and cartoon characters to attract them. In the text it stated that many parents are working, and don't have time to spend with their kids, so they spoil their kids with products. It has become easier for manufactures to produce products of children’s interest, through data’s assembled by Children’s club and the Internet. The author is telling us how companies are profiting from these advertisements by targeting kids. He concluded that many kids spend more time watching TV than going outside to play. These TV ads are influencing kids to purchase products that may not be good for their life/health. Children get influenced to purchase products that can affect their mental and physical health. One of the biggest contributors to the increase in childhood obesity, and also complications such as type 2 diabetes, is the effect of advertisement done by food industry. T... ... middle of paper ... ...alth comes before anything else. You should not get your child use to junk food, because your just spoiling them. Parents should work together and cook at home, get your child to eat healthy, and the healthiest food is always made at home. Try to educate your child about eating healthy and spending reasonably. You should also play more activities with your kids, become their friend. For example, my mom and I are like best friends. I don’t watch a lot of TV because I’m always engaging in an activity with my mom. Always remember to invest in your child’s health and wellbeing. Take control of your children, and don’t let marketers influence your child. Works Cited Schlosser, Eric. "Kid Kustomer." Http:// N.p., n.d. Web. 5 Dec. 2013. .
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