The Negative Effects of Marijuana

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Marijuana has the reputation of giving users a high when smoked, eaten, or inhaled through vaporization. The chemical that causes the feeling of euphoria is called Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). When smoked or ingested, the THC rapidly passes through your lungs or stomach, then your bloodstream, and to other organs in your body. When it finally reaches your brain, the THC targets specific brain cells called cannabinoid receptors (Harding, 2013). These receptors are especially found in parts of your brain that control your memory, thinking, pleasure, concentration, perception of time, and coordinated movement. Users will experience alterations with their mood, have difficulty with problem solving, and will definitely have trouble learning and memorizing. These are just a few health issues marijuana can cause to your brain.
Other than damaging your brain, marijuana causes a wide range of issues with your mental and cardiopulmonary health. Just like tobacco, marijuana can cause major irritation to the lungs and eventually cause respiratory problems. With all the smoke that goes through the lungs, regular users may eventually experience cough, phlegm, frequent chest illnesses, and add a greater risk of developing lung infections. Another risk to consider is how marijuana can affect your heart. After the first hour of smoking, users will experience their heart rate rise from up to 20-100 beats per minute (Harding, 2013). The risk of heart attack may rise, especially for users of an older age. However, not only does marijuana affect your heart and lungs, but your risk of mental illness will also increase. Marijuana has been linked to cause problems like depression, anxiety, disturbances in personality, a lack of motivation, and su...

... middle of paper ... been a major topic for discussion over the course of countless years. Opinions people have about legalizing vary from generation, culture, age, gender, ideologies, experiences, and more. Time has shown that marijuana is good in some ways and bad in others. Each person has the right to their own opinion, whether it is for or against the use of cannabis. Would it be possible to live in a time where people can smoke, eat, drink, wear, and do so much more with this herb? Maybe people should put aside their own agendas and see where Washington and Colorado can lead us. It is a new generation for America, and people want to be heard. The businesses selling recreational marijuana may be what the US needed to slowly bring up the economy. And, if Guam can manage to get the medical marijuana question on the ballot, we will see how the citizens of Guam really feel about it.
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