The Negative Effects of Illegal Immigration

The Negative Effects of Illegal Immigration

“An immigrant is a person who legally comes to a country to take up permanent residence. An “illegal” immigrant is a person who does so without following the established legal procedures of the destination country and who resides in that country without proper visas or other documents.” (source 1)Illegal immigration is changing the lives of many Americans today, and although all illegal immigrants are not bad and are not here by choice, or to hurt anyone, it still affects us each and every day. Illegal immigration has been a problem for many years, and it seems as if it is impossible to control, but according to former mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York it can be controlled. Giuliani stated “The technology exists to do it, the people exist to do it. Now we need the political leadership and will to get it done.” Something has to be done about it and there has to be some kind of control. This is not an issue Americans can simply sleep on and it will go away, it’s more of an epidemic. (source 1) There are many ways in which illegal immigration affect America, but the most debated issues are: crime rate, over population and job loss.
One of the biggest, most debatable issues with illegal immigration is crime. There is already enough crime in the United States as it is and with the flooding of illegal immigration the crime rates keep growing larger and larger every day. Not all illegal immigrants come to the US to work or to better their families, sometimes they come to participate in criminal activity, or to leave their country because of trouble they have gotten into there. A U.S. government study reported that, "In our population study of 55,322 illegal aliens, we found that they ...

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...e legal residents of this state. In order to get these tags, all of their paperwork has to be correct.
In conclusion, illegal immigration is a growing problem that has some negative effects on the United States. Crime, over population and job loss are becoming more of a problem and the sad truth is contrary to Rudy Giulianis belief that illegal immigration can be stopped, illegal immigration will never end, The government can build a fence, or a wall however big they want but just like a thieve if they want to get in they will find a way. So the only real solution would be to let anyone who wants to come to our county come. Give them a social security number, check for contagious disease, give immunization shots, some fresh water, a hot meal, a pat on the back and wish them good luck. At least this way the government can keep track of them and know who they are.

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