The Negative Effects Of Walmart's Impact On America

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Walmart is a place to shop for convenience and to save money, which explains why the company is among the most profitable organizations in the world. People argue about the controversial topic: how does Walmart affect America? Some say it has positive outcomes; others disagree. Walmart overall has a negative effect on American society.
Walmart has one of the lowest prices of goods and products in the retail business. Jeffrey Garten a dean at Yale says, “The essence of Wal-Mart is it is propelled by one thing: offering products at the lowest possible price” (24). While having, low prices is good Walmart is taking its toll on their employees. Having such low prices forces Walmart to pay their employees so little. A point made to Garten was “Walmart
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Sebastian Mallaby, a columnist for the Washington Post states “Chinese workers getting pennies per day, sweating to keep Walmart’s shelves stocked with cheap clothing” (622). Walmart built their company in China because they knew how cheap they can get it made and make twice the profit off it. In a way, it helps other companies but mostly negatively impacts them. In the documentary Is Wal-Mart Good for America? Producer Hendrick Smith talks about one of Walmart’s biggest suppliers he says, “Walmart’s pullback was a body blow to Rubbermaid” (00:16:55-00:17:00). Walmart refused to continue selling Rubbermaid’s products unless they did it for the price Walmart demanded, this caused the once most profitable organization to go bankrupt. The negative impact on this was how many jobs have been lost because of Walmart. Walmart doesn’t care about the community either. An article mentions “Walmart’s huge advantages in buying power and efficiency force many local rivals to close.” (“Long”103) Walmart can only see that they are going to make more profit they don’t stop to consider the local businesses they put out. The disruption Walmart is causing to small communities is cold hearted. In an article written by Jonathan Hoenig says “Wal-Mart hires workers on a voluntary basis, and right now 1.3 million Americans have willingly chosen to work there. They could walk out and leave at any time’’ (48). Hoenig makes it seem like it’s that easy to just get up and leave a job. The people did chose to work there but what if it is their only option? This job could be the only thing providing food for their family or paying the bills not having it would hurt them. The job is benefiting them but at the same time it’s not enough. The people are stuck with what they have or what they are making and Walmart should try helping them progress not just seeing them as