The Negative Effects Of Video Games

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Society seems to either love or hate video games. Some say that they turn children into savages, detached from the world, while others say that they encourage creativity and allow children to express themselves in ways never before possible. Many people who have experienced games might say that they are enjoyable entertainment. However current research suggests that gaming is affecting individuals mental and emotional health that may on the surface appears to be negative, but are in fact leading into a new era of human development. According to a 2013 Max Black Institute for Human Development study, gaming may actually increase the gray matter of the brain. Still, many scientists continue to draw conflicting conclusions as to whether gaming leads to heightening aggression and disrupted social…show more content…
Video Games can both harm and help a person’s social life. Gamers can sometimes detach from reality, depending on the person who is playing the game and what game they are playing. This happens very rarely and if it does it usually happens in single player games. However these games can also make players more social with people. If gamers are playing a multiplayer game, it can introduce them to more people in one day than would be possible in the real physical world. Texas Tech scientists surmise that agreeable gameplay, whether in brutal or peaceful diversions, makes individuals more pleasant (“Cooperative”). "We found that playing with an accommodating accomplice expands the desire of others to respond that master social conduct," said video game creator John Velez. Even online relationships can build and can make gamers feel compassion so much that it invalidates the forceful impacts of savage amusements and even persists into this present reality. Velez found that players will probably assist buddies in social circumstances and less inclined to be antagonistic to companion and adversary alike
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