The Negative Effects Of The Tiger Parenting Style

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The article written by Brendan noble talks about the difficult task of being a parent, she explains that parents want the best for their children in order for them to have a well function in society and because they are a minority they can be “marginalized or experience discrimination” (Brenland,2014, 173) the author also presents the idea that parenting styles impact children’s emotional development and overall mental health from the transition of childhood into adulthood .On this article it is stated that the tiger parenting approach has more negative outcomes than positive, it specially has negative effects on the mental health of the youth. The next article written by Kohler, states that tiger mothers think that successful children are…show more content…
There are different parenting styles that parents can choose when it comes to raising a child. However the tiger parenting approach is the normative type of parenting for most Asian households. The tiger parenting style is famous for the high levels of achievement parents’ demand from their children. People argue that tiger parenting does not seem to be the appropriate way to raise children because it makes children have poor mental health. However there are positive aspects of this parenting style, for example Asian youth that have experience the tiger parenting style in their homes have accomplished high academic achievement. On the other hand the tiger parenting approach is linked to severe negative outcomes for the children and youth. An example of a negative outcome of the tiger parenting approach is that is associated with higher rates of depression in the children, a lot is expected from them and their anxiety levels are high. Furthermore they are being controlled on almost every aspect of their lives and they are regularly monitored. Asian children feel the pressure their family put on them as a burden, they feel incarcerated. Children should be encouraged to take decisions from themselves instead of always doing what their parents want them to do. The adequate type of parenting stile that
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