The Negative Effects Of Technology's Effects On Youth

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In the 21st century, technology has easily become a central part to daily life. But nowadays, it seems as if the younger generation is more involved in technology than older generations. Technology is helpful and entertaining, but today’s youth have more technology than toys: such as cell phones, iPods, tablets, and video games. An online article states that, “excessive digital screen dependence can lead to overexposure, intense arousal, poor regulation, and less reading time” (Barreto and Adams). The fact is that technology’s evolvement throughout the years is affecting youth and teens. Technology has had its benefits and has also created an environment of dependence and addiction that, unchecked, will harm interpersonal relationships. Some have become addicted to technology as well as losing their communication with others and being productive in any outside activities. Technology has evolved a lot in the past years. Flip phones are now smart phones, pen and paper are now iPods or tablets, and playing a sport outside has turned into playing video games. The rapid evolution of technology has taken the world by storm and very little…show more content…
According to Barreto and Adams they claimed that school age children “can easily become overly depending upon video games as a primary source of playing fantasy, leading to an avoidance of social interaction with peers and adults” (5). Both of them, children and adults have lost the interaction with one another. When they are together at home the whole family is using an electronic device, dinnertime has changed to technology time. When everyone is on the table they don’t interact with one another anymore. Now they are each on their phones or tablets text messaging or playing a game. An online article from Jeffrey T. Kiernan talks about a group of student’s thoughts about “Merton’s critique on Technology” some

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