The Negative Effects Of Technology And Technology's Effects On The Future

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Technology has come so far and is advancing more and more each day. It is used for many things like entertainment, communication, shopping, learning and more. Technology affects our society as a whole, but that means it’s affecting children more than ever because it’s all they have ever known. They haven’t had a life without any technology. They see it at home, on their free time, and even at school. So how does technology affect children in the classroom? There are negative and positive sides, but I believe not all of it could be bad. Technology has been created to help human society grow and evolve so I think technology will bring good outcomes to the children that will soon become the future. This topic is important because it is something that is very recent to today. It’s important for parents to know how this affects their…show more content…
For example, technology can improve academic achievement. Times have been changing, and now it won’t work to just stand in the front of a classroom and lecture. Children will not be interested they have been introduced to so much. Obviously, they shouldn’t be in front of a screen all the time, but it should definitely be involved in a classroom. I also found out that technology can increase communication strategies. This can also go both ways because sometimes kids can use it as communicating, and it can be distracting, but it can sometimes be good to be able to email, or to create fun pages that the kids could interact with. Like blogs where the teacher can monitor it, but also post games that they could play when they are don’t with their work or things like that. I haven’t researched much about what others think about this, but I asked some peers and they said it is very important because kids like to have their phones all the time, so we should use it as a tool. My friend said kind of what I said to create things that will let them stay connected but using it as a

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