The Negative Effects Of Social Media On College Students

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The Impacts of Social Media on College Students
A. Social media has become a globally in the last decade because of the internet.
B. Most people are counted to the internet are students by sharing their thoughts and ideas through social media like Facebook and Twitter.
1. Statement of the Problem:
Since the social media is new, there are many affirmatives and negatives from it. However, the most users of social media are students, and because of this, they are the most victim group of social media. Also, students might be affected their academic performance by using social media.
Purpose of Study
A. To look deeply examine the cause of the behavior, and how these are associated with the impact of social media on the
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A. What are the implications of social network consumption in college students’ academic performance?
B. What is the association between the influence of social media and the academic performance of students?
3- Theoretical Review:
A. The gratifications
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Academic engagement and access to knowledge bases:
• From social media, Students can engage themselves and working together with other students by sharing doing homework. Also, students can access and learn about all the global issue of the world.
4. Negative impacts of social media
• Increased aggression and anti-social behaviors:
In social media, there is everything open to students, and they can see how others use drugs and drinking alcohol. Also, students can see violence, each as gun battles and physical abuse (Fischer & Reuber, 2011).
• Emotional distress and problematic social development:
Students who are addicted to social media they lose their ability to communicate face-to-face (Albury & Crawford, 2012).
• Privacy and identity concerns:
Many students make a fake profile to spying to others and try to hurt them by anything.
• Distracting behaviors:
Many students distracted by checking social media while they are studying. Students who are distracted have shorter attention than others chou (2009).
• Attention and multi-tasking behavior:
There are two ways of a brain to learn. One way is to focus on one thing, and pay full attention to it. Another way is multitasking by doing two things at one time. People who are focused on one thing usually get higher salary than

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